Kacey Musgraves writes and performs songs  about the American working poor and the dispossessed.

One music writer has observed that the working poor have just about disappeared from  contemporary American country music - at a time, ironically, when the number of  people surviving on welfare and in minimum wage jobs has skyrocketed.

Kacey Musgraves, a young 24 year old singer from Texas, has  resisted the tide of corporate blandness and political conservatism.  She writes and performs songs about the daily experiences of working class folk.

Musgraves isn't traditional country with elements of rock and folk also sprinkled throughout  her work.

'Blowin' Smoke' is the second single from her debut album for Mercury  Records, Same Trailer Different Park. The song revolves around  the smoke break for exhausted waitresses with limited options and little hope for the future in a  country ruled by capital. She is everything that the corporate-approved Taylor Swift isn't.

The album was released in March this year and went  to number one on the American country music charts.


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