When he isn't busy deleting comments that criticise him, The Daily Blog's Martyn Bradbury  is finding new and unusual excuses to continue supporting the Labour Party!

Martyn Bradbury,  who wanted a job with Kim Dotcom's Internet party, has been speculating on Winston Peters political  motivations.  Bradbury thinks Peters might want to return home to National.

I thought one political mercenary speculating on the motivations of another political mercenary   was irony writ large and I left a comment on The Daily Blog: 'Maybe Winston wants a  job with the Internet Party. What do you think, Martyn?

The comment has not been published which is the fate of most comments  that Bradbury doesn't like.

Meanwhile, Bradbury is claiming that the reason that David Cunliffe supports deep sea oil drilling is, not because he is a right wing  political cretin and an obliging friend of big business, but  because it'll make the Green Party  and Mana look good! Writes Bradbury:

By agreeing with deep sea oil drilling, David gives the Greens and Mana policy against it room to breath which provides strong brand differentiation for both of them.

On top of this, Bradbury says its  actually good news that Cunliffe is doing dirty deals with  the oil cartel  because:

It also suggests that Industry are seriously considering a Labour Government and are anxiously interacting with them to keep their interests intact. This wouldn’t be happening if they didn’t sense the real possibility of a change in Government.

Wow. This is the sort of fantastic analysis that only a political consultant worth $8000  a month  can provide. We're winning with Bradbury!


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