While New Zealand  families struggle  in poverty, the government throws a one million dollar holiday for a couple of royal scroungers. It's good for tourism you know....

THOSE TWO  well-know state beneficiaries Willie and Kate Windsor  have  left old Blighty  to holiday in New Zealand, courtesy of the New Zealand taxpayer. 

The two  young  bludgers - baby in tow -are visiting New Zealand at a  time when their lavish spending is causing a bit of a stink back home  It has been revealed  that they have screwed the good people of Britain for another million pounds on top of the  million pounds they have already  spent on refurbishing their five bedroom Kensington home.

 Katie  decided to redecorate  because she was 'unhappy with the colour scheme'.

Katie is largely unacquainted with working for living. The only proper job she’s ever had was working part-time in a London clothes shop.  But she gave it up four years ago, saying she needed 'some time to herself'.

Our media, of course, are asking all the important questions - like, what is  Katie wearing today? And what does baby George have for breakfast? Has he booked a place at Eton yet?

Enough already.

Here is  'The Queen is Dead' from The Smiths.


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