This blog finds an unexpected new audience, if only temporarily...

I NOTICED a pronounced  upsurge in visits to Against The Current over the weekend and they were all coming from the one source - and an unusual one at that. It was none other than Whaleoil, the home of right wing blogger Cameron Slater.

My observation that David Cunliffe is no Bill Rowling is seen by Slater as a sign that the far left is 'crying tears of impotent rage' . He also suggests that things must be bad when Cunliffe is being compared to Bill Rowling, who Slater characterises as a 'wimp' - a jibe he has borrowed from Rob Muldoon, no less. 

 It is true that David Cunliffe's  market politics have little in common with the traditional social democratic views represented by Labour's last social democratic leader Bill Rowling. My point was to highlight that Cunliffe is not 'left wing'  in either social democratic or socialist terms.

As I've said more times than I care remember, at some stage we have to make a final judgement about the Labour Party  and to simply continue to promote political  fantasies about the 'left wing' David Cunliffe and the 'lesser evil'  Labour Party simply postpones making that final reckoning - to the detriment  of progressive politics generally.

But this is the country where so called 'far left' organisations are happy to make cynical alliances with German capitalists and their fat bank accounts rather than begin the hard work of building an independent working class party in this country. I now have little time or patience  for the opportunistic politics of  Socialist Aotearoa, the ISO and Fightback

The deal with Kim Dotcom has political disaster written all over it - and, yes, I'm angry about that.


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