The Labour Party  should be congratulated for being consistent. It is staying true to the principles of 'True Labour'.

THE LABOUR PARTY deserves credit for  keeping its promises and being consistent. Time and time again it has said it has no intention of upsetting the neoliberal applecart and  that the market has nothing to fear from its policies.

David Cunliffe and his team have certainly stayed true to this commitment. Cunliffe has ensured that his party has followed his exemplary example and boldly stated that socialism is not a word it uses. This  is indeed the face of  True Labour'.

Being 'True Labour' means outlining a sensible plan for managing  the economy that is business friendly and that's what Labour has done.  While business had  a few grumbles with Labour's plan to raise the  top tax bracket to  36% on those earning over $150,000, the business suits are delighted  that this  represents a retreat  from Labour's  2011 position when it said it would raise it to a whopping 39 percent.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive, Phil O’Reilly has congratulated Labour on its steadfast commitment to continue with austerity policies. He likes the cut of Labour's jib.

And business interests with an eye to the main chance will appreciate  Labour's outstanding plan to  introduce  more users pays into education with already financially hard-pressed  families having to pay for most of  the kids'  computer laptop or tablet.

And good on finance spokesperson David Parker for  staying true to  the principles of 'True Labour'  Labour isn't interested in transforming the economy for the betterment of ordinary people. Not for it silly  utopian ideas about fundamental structural change and  a vision of a society organised on completely different principles from those which govern capitalism. That certainly isn't the 'True Labour' of 2014.

Finance spokesperson  David Parker doesn't want to run an economy that is organised on behalf of the people. Taking a leaf out of the  notebook of British Prime Minister David Cameron,  he wants to 'grow'  the free market economy and he says that  he will be better at it  than his counterpart, Bill English. Well done Mr Parker, with your whiteboard and marker pen always ready for action. You make accountancy fun!

And that's what Mike Smith thinks as well.

According to Mike, Parker has  'egalitarian  passion'! That's why he wants to raise the retirement age and make the working poor  toil for even longer!

You remember Mike Smith, don't you? As a  former general secretary of the Labour Party  he loyally  supported the neoliberal policies of the Helen Clark government.

I'm sure that Internet Mana is excited about the prospect of being a part of a True Labour' - led government, even if Dave Cunliffe won't let them into the cabinet room. Clearly  those of us who think Internet Mana are on the road to nowhere are gravely mistaken.


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