Can you spot what's wrong with this newspaper advertisement?

JAMES DANN, who was Labour's Ilam candidate, has tweeted this interesting newspaper advertisement from Labour list MP Clayton Cosgrove.

While the advertisement looks vaguely 'Labourish'  that's where the similarities end.

There might be a big tick for Clayton, but conspicuously missing is a big tick for Labour. Also missing is the Labour Party logo.

And just to stress a little bit more that Clayton has nothing to do with Labour, one of his supporters declares:

'I'm not party political, I just want  to see Clayton Cosgrove elected as the MP for Waimakariri...'

Last week Cosgrove  defended his 'personalised  campaign'  arguing  that  he was 'chasing  the party vote as well as an electorate win.'

But this newspaper advertisement suggests that campaigning  for the party vote was very much a low priority for Cosgrove.

James Dann has tweeted: 'When someone gets in on the party list, twice, whilst not campaigning for the party, someone needs to say something.'


  1. I thought maybe James [ doing a great job , his mother very proud] could stand for National in the Port hills electorate next time.


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