It has not been a good year for Martyn Bradbury of The Daily Blog. He was wrong about the Labour Party and he was wrong about Internet Mana. But Bradbury is not accepting any of the blame himself. What a guy.

WHEN THE LABOUR PARTY crashed in a screaming heap at the 2014 election, Martyn Bradbury said he was going away for a time to reflect on the result. I thought this was a sensible decision by the editor of The Daily Blog.

Normally my default position with Bradbury  and the Labour Party is not to believe anything he says about it but, naively, I let my guard down. I really thought he might own up to his role in Labour's devastating defeat.

I knew it would not be easy for Bradbury. After all he had a lot to own up to. He would have to stare at himself in the bathroom mirror and admit he got it all spectacularly wrong.

It's hard to imagine him getting it any more wrong.

After all not only did he think he had a winner with the so-called progressive coalition  of Labour- the Greens- Internet Mana -  NZ First, he also thought that the Mana Party merging with the Internet Party was another fantastic development. Anyone who opposed the merger was, according to Bradbury, just an unhappy socialist.You don't read this kind of incisive analysis everyday. Fortunately.

Bradbury was so confident of its success he tried to get a job with the Internet Party. The price for hiring the talents of the former Mana Party 'strategist" would of cost  Kim Dotcom a mere $8000 a month. And Bradbury wanted some new computer and communications technology thrown in as well.

Unfortunately, Bradbury's time in self-imposed exile lasted barely a few days. "But it was a good few days" someone tweeted sarcastically.

Before you could say "socialism is not a word I use", Bradbury was back offering his wisdom to the readers of The Daily Blog and clearly  none the wiser as to why the electorate had failed to vote  for his grand 'progressive coalition'  or had just not voted at all. With nearly a million people ignoring the election, it was another epic triumph for the supporters of the Did Not Vote Party who wiped the floor with the CTU and its dreadful 'Get Out and Vote' campaign.

It was clear that Labour and its potential election partners were rejected because they failed to present a clear alternative to the economic policies of the National-led Government.  Everyone saw through the empty charade of Bradbury's 'progressive coalition' and saw David Cunliffe declaring that business interests had nothing to fear from a Labour-led government and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman commenting that his Green Party were more pro market than the National Party.

This is not a political alternative - this is simply business as usual.

But that has not stopped Bradbury continuing to blame the people for not voting for his right wing Labour-led coalition. In a post on The Daily Blog yesterday he again talks sarcastically of  "the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind" as if we were all so dazed and confused that we were incapable of doing the right thing  - voting for a Labour-led government. We should of listened to Martyn! He's always right!

Given his own role in Labour's devastating defeat and  the demise of Internet Mana  you might of thought that Bradbury might have toned down the political arrogance and stopped running his mouth off at everyone who happens to disagree with him.

But he just can't help himself.

Just remember that Bradbury has got nothing to sell but a politically bankrupt Labour Party. He's the real "sleepy Hobbit".


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