Russell Brand has declared that Britain needs its equivalent of Syriza and that he would break a habit of a lifetime - and vote.

"IF WE HAD a party like Syriza in Britain, I would vote for it. I would urge you to vote for it. What this is an opportunity for us to bully, galvanise, push political powers into representing us properly.

What I would say is it’s a new type of political movement that emerges when the population is galvanised, when we’ve finally had enough with corruption, systemic inefficiency, and oligarchal domination and corruption, when people finally come together they get politically represented.

The reason I am excited about this is because Syriza are approaching capitalism from a completely different perspective."

It could be argued that Britain already as its own Syriza waiting in the wings - the fledgling Left Unity formed in  November 2013.


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