Andrew Little and the Labour Party have had nothing to say about Syriza's historic election victory. But are we surprised?

THE LABOUR PARTY has remained silent about Syriza's historic election victory.

But Andrew Little's  Labour Party has little in common with Greek's new government. Syriza is left wing and the Labour Party isn't. While Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras lays flowers on the graves of fallen communist resistance fighters, Andrew Little gives his 'state of the nation' speech to a gathering of business suits. While Tsipras talks, at length, about the concerns and interests of the Greek working class, Little has made every effort to define the New Zealand working class out of existence.

It was Andrew Little, while he was national secretary of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, who described the mild social democratic policies of the Alliance as 'extreme'. So the left wing policies of Syriza must have him breaking out in a cold sweat.

Perhaps Little is operating on the principle of 'if you haven't got anything nice to say, then don't say anything.' Otherwise he might of ended up sounding like Ed Miliband.

The British Labour leader's acknowledgment of Syriza's victory could only be described as perfunctory. His statement reads:

 Just like our elections are a matter for the people of this country, so who the Greek people elect is a decision for them. It is the responsibility of the British government to work with the elected government of Greece for the good of Britain and Europe and not to play politics. And it is up to each country to choose its own path on how to deal with the economic and social challenges they face. We have set out our path for Britain: to make sure our country is fairer and more prosperous and balance the books.

There isn't even the barest hint of congratulations.


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