Keir Leslie is the Young Labour co-ordinator for the top of the South Island. He thinks John Minto should stop criticising the Labour-linked Christchurch City Council and its plans to privatise council assets.

KEIR LESLIE THINKS DEMOCRACY IS FINE, unless you say something he disagrees with.

He has taken exception to John Minto's well-reasoned column, criticising the Labour-linked Christchurch City Council's plan to privatise publicly owned assets.

As a member of the Labour Party you possibly might think that maybe Leslie would be opposed to privatisation. But you would be wrong. Instead Leslie has taken to Twitter to attack Minto and blared that he 'should stop running his mouth off' about Christchurch.

With dreary reactionary members like Leslie it is little wonder that Labour is going nowhere. To quote Leslie himself: "The party itself lacks members, lacks skilled activists, and is continually short of money."

Keep up the good work, Keir.

Keir Leslie says he does not support the  privatisation of council assets to support the construction of unsustainable anchor projects. He stresses that this is own personal view and not necessarily that of Young Labour or the Labour Party generally. 

He left unexplained his motives for attacking John Minto  - who is also opposed to the sale of Christchurch City Council assets.


  1. This is very strange. Leslie says that, in his personal capacity, he is opposed to the sale of Christchurch City Council assets. But, as a Young Labour rep, he can't possibly comment. Seems that he's following the 'brave' example set by Christhurch Labour MPs Ruth Dyson, Clayton Cosgrove and Megan Woods who are also keeping their mouths shut. That's political leadership that is!



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