ADA COLAU was one of the founders of Spain's Mortgage Victims Platform, fighting the growing inequality and forced evictions of the country's economic crisis. Now she could become the next Mayor of Barcelona.

Colau leads a grassroots coalition of several political parties, including Podemos and thousands of citizens and actvists, which is leading in the polls leading up to Spain’s regional and municipal elections on May 24th

 Barcelona en Comú (Barcelona in Common)promises to focus on job creation, combat growing inequality in the city and usher in a culture of transparency and accountability in the city’s institutions.

"We want to show that politics can be done in a different way,' says Colau. “What most excites us is the idea that Barcelona could become a world reference as a democratic and socially just city.

Colau and Barcelona em Comu advocate democratic control of the economy, something mirrored by Podemos at a national level.

Says Colau: "If we don't have democratic control of our economy the ones with money will decide what economic policies will be pursued. We have seen that. With only private banking and no democratic control of it, it will be the banks who decide that all investment should go to construction, and that all the money should go into mortgages, and they will sink the economy of the country."


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