So Nandor Tanczos has announced he will not be putting his name forward as a Green Party candidate for the November general election.

After nine years (which qualifies him for the gold-plated parliamentary pension scheme) Tanzcos is getting out.

There were some curious statements in his press release. After outlining what he thought had been his achievements, he offered some views on the Green Party and the New Zealand green moVement generally.

Either Tanczos is following some subtle political strategy or he's politically schizophrenic.

On the one hand he endorsed the rightward political direction of the Green Party arguing that the party 'needs to be able to work with all parties and cut across old political boundaries. It needs to be seen as a safe pair of hands.'

Of course by 'safe' Tanczos means 'non threatening' to the status quo.

But Tanzcos, bizarrely, goes on to say that "The Green Movement, on the other hand, needs to become far more radical in my view. We must be fearless in challenging the absurd economic system leading us to destruction.'

So Tanczos supports the Green Party upholding and defending the present economic system - the very system that he admits is 'leading us all to destruction' and which he says the 'green movement' must challenge!

Tanczos is a political coward and hypocrite.

Having actively endorsed and supported the rightward direction of the Green Party he can no longer lay claim to any left wing or radical credentials.

For him to urge the green movement to be more radical while he and his party snuggle up to Helen Clark and John Key is contemptible.

It's case of 'do what I say, not what I do'.


  1. No gold plated pension as you stated. Nandor along with other politicians voted the lifetime pension for three term + politicians out. Only those from 1996 and before receive this pension when they leave, so Fitsimmons is the only Green party MP still eligible for that pension.


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