With Christchurch property developer and right wing libertarian Dave Henderson looking like he’s heading for the financial rocks – and not for the first time we should add- he’ll perhaps be looking for support from his friends.

Perhaps Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker we’ll be there for him. After all Dave came out in support of his mayoralty bid.

And Sideshow was at the premiere of Dave’s film We’re Here To Help – a movie he described as excellent.

Of course none of the local Labour MP’s made an appearance, which annoyed Dave.

‘It’s time they got over my success,’ said ‘successful’ Dave.

Well, the Labour MPs were wise to give ‘Hendo’ a wide berth.

The same thing can’t be said for Sideshow Bob.

Or for that matter writer Bruce Ansley , who wrote a gushy profile of Henderson for the Listener.

Nor has TV3’s John Campbell got much to be proud of either for his bootlicking interview with Henderson on the night the movie premiered.

And perhaps the usually sensible Mike Yardley would like to explain why Henderson has been one of his regular guests on his chat show on local channel Canterbury Television.

As I wrote some months ago – so I’m not being wise after the event – Henderson’s high profile property deals and his movie-making venture have taken in a lot of people.

They not only chose to ignore Henderson’s less than impressive business track record but helped him to further inflate his already inflated and underserved reputation as a successful and innovative property developer and entrepreneur.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost.


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