The relationship of Christchurch Mayor 'Sideshow' Bob Parker and his council supporters to failed property developer Dave Henderson is rightly coming under intense scrutiny given recent commercial developments, but what of former mayor Garry Moore?

Some people close to the council are saying that he has never gone away - indeed last year the CEO of the Christchurch City Council Tony Marryatt appointed Moore as a private consultant on 'urban regeneration.'

The job was never advertised. Marryatt told the National Business Review's Chris Hutching that Moore had been appointed 'for his expertise'.

Perhaps this is the same 'expertise' that last year saw Moore appointed by the Labour Government to the boards of Land Transport New Zealand and Transit New Zealand. He picks up $55,000 per year for sitting on these boards.

So Moore is still there in the background, no doubt 'advising' Sideshow Bob - the man he publically declared he wanted to succeed him as mayor.

Dave Henderson and Garry Moore are also very good mates.

Such is the cosy relationship between the two men that Moore's son, Johnny Moore, went to work for Henderson's Property Ventures. He was laid off earlier this year when Henderson's property 'empire' began to crumble.

Johnny Moore is also a tenant of Dave Henderson's. He is part-owner of Cartel, located in 'Hendo's' 'South of Lichfield' development.

And Henderson's relationship with Johnny Moore also extends into the political field.

In 2007 Johnny Moore stood for the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board but wasn't elected. Henderson appears to have been the sole financial contributor to his campaign, donating $1250.


  1. Could you post the evidence available for Henderson's donation to Johnny Moore's campaign?

    He explicitly denied making any contributions in an e-mail to Press reporter Charlie Gates, as reported in yesterday's paper.


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