In Europe and elsewhere workers are occupying factories threatened with closure.

Here in New Zealand, the National Distribution Union's (NDU) response to the mass redundancies at Lane Walker Rudkin -and there are more to come - is to have a cake stall.

The NDU is holding a cake stall outside Westpac's head office in Wellington between 12-1pm today and, apparently, more will be held around the country.

This is a token and hopeless response from the NDU. While NDU officials like Laila Harre and Paul Watson have made a lot of noise in the media, their bark has been definitely worse than their bite.

Why is the NDU not calling for the public ownership of LWR? Or is this just too hard for the NDU officials?

Of course the National Government will take no heed, but the NDU should be presenting, at least, credible economic alternatives to factory closures.

Not surprisingly the limp pro-Labour blog The Standard thinks having a cake stall is a 'great idea'.

What next? A lemonade stall?


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