I see that Sideshow Bob has got his election website up and going and what a sad affair it is.

While blithely ignoring the wishes and concerns of the good people of Christchurch over the past three years, the dreary website attempts to justify what Bob calls his more 'controversial' actions - like bailing out his mate Dave Henderson and trying to put council rents up a massive 24 percent and campaigning for the sacking of the democratically elected councillors of Environment Canterbury and supporting the building a concrete block in the middle of the Arts Centre, etc, etc.

Slippery Bob's excuses are pretty much what we've all heard before but readers keen to take a walk in Sideshow Bob's World of Spin can go here.

Despite the torrent of words, Bob isn't owning up to doing anything wrong. He's continuing to claim that he simply did not explain 'carefully enough the reasons behind some of our decisions'.

But, as I've said in previous posts, the people of Christchurch weren't born yesterday and they know too well what Bob has been up to and who he really represents. That might explain why he's polling so badly...what do you reckon, Bob?

But there's something worth noting on the website. After consistently describing himself as 'politically independent' Bob has finally owned up to something that has been blindingly obvious for many years - he's a Nat.

This is what true blue Bob has to say on his website:

'Right now I am enjoying working with the National government. As a city we got nothing out of the Labour government. ...this is a government that is actually generously investing in our city.'

Such enthusiasm for John Key and co.

It was an entirely different story in 2007 when Bob was urging the Labour-aligned 2021 election candidates to leave the political group and become 'independent.

"There are a few good people in 2021. I urge them to walk away from the 2021 party and put themselves forward as independent candidates," said the pompous 'independent' Bob.

Bob's so desperate to boost his flagging re-election chances he thinks the path to his political salvation lies in jumping on the coat tails of the Key Government.

Of course Bob's public support for the National Party will now make it much more difficult for his council supporters like Sue wells and Barry Corbett to credibly claim they are 'politically independent'.

Get the feeling that its 'every councillor for themselves' within the Bob camp?

Bob is also putting himself about elsewhere in cyberspace. He has also launched a page on Facebook.

Vote Bob Parker has only got 37 friends though. Bob's got a long way to go to catch up with The Bob Parker is an Evil Space Lizard Awareness Movement which has a healthy 283 friends.


  1. Nice use of the Gorn and Captain Kirk there.

    I hope this revelation does have a damaging knock on effect on Wells and Corbett. It would be good to see the back of them.

    What the hell does he think coming out of the Nat closet is going to do for him in a city full of Labour voters anyway? As for National's "generous investment", what is he on about there?

    The man is seriously on another planet.

  2. Agree with Rabid Fire, Arena was one of the best Star Trek episodes ever. Oops, just uncloaked myself as a Trek nerd. One more reason to keep visiting, though Steve. Keep up the good fight.


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