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While Labour  had nothing to say about the extrajudicial killing of a New Zealander in Yemen, it has been blowing smoke about an animated childrens' movie. 

WHEN THE  National--led government countenanced the extrajudicial killing of a New Zealander in Yemen last year,  the Labour leadership kept quiet.

It did not protest that a New Zealand citizen  had  been killed in an American drone strike without recourse to due legal process. Labour's silence can only be interpreted as tacit approval of the strike and, perhaps, of the United States 'drone war' itself.

But it seems that Labour is concerned with more crucial issues than the murder of  a New Zealand citizen by the American military and subsequently described as 'collateral damage'.

Over the weekend Labour fearlessly spoke out against another American venture....The Lego Movie. The animated childrens' movie has been taken to task by Labour's tourism spokesperson  Darien Fenton.

In the movie a reference is made to a place in Legoland called 'Middle Zealand.' It is described by one of the characters  as a  "wondrous land full of knights, castles, mutton, torture weapons, poverty, leeches, illiteracy, and, um ... dragons."

This is a light - hearted kids flick  yet  the humourless Fenton has described the comment as 'not on' and she has even urged  John Key to protest to Warner Bros.

You kind of think that Darian Fenton and Labour could find something else to worry  about - like the murder of New Zealand citizens  in Yemen for example - but apparently not.


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