Unlike  Russel Norman and the Green Party who are calling  for a 'green capitalism', the Global Climate Convergence recognises  that the present economic system is only  leading to the Earth's environmental destruction. 

GLOBAL CLIMATE CONVERGENCE  is a education and direct action campaign running from  Earth Day to May Day (April 22 - May 1 ).

Unlike our own Green Party and its disastrous promotion of 'market environmentalism',  the Convergence recognises that global capitalism has failed the planet  and that merely tinkering  with the machinery of  our present economic system  will not save us. It is too late for that:

....the movement for democracy and justice is sweeping the globe – from democracy revolutions to occupy protests, movements for the rights of workers, students, immigrants, women and Indigenous peoples; resistance to NSA spying, endless war, prison pipelines, tar sands, fracking, nuclear power, GMOs and more. The accelerating climate disaster – now predicted to dismantle civilization as we know it as soon as 2050 - intensifies all these struggles, and provides new urgency for collaboration and unified action. Clearly there is no time to lose.

The United-States based campaign is backed by a wide range of  political and community groups including the US Green Party, Occupy Wall Street and System Change not Climate Change.

You can check out the website here.


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