Psst...Laurie Penny is a socialist.

LAURIE PENNY HAS always insisted that feminism must embrace socialism. She has long opposed right wing feminism, the kind of 'Sex in the City feminism' that accepts that as long as some women get to the top it’s okay that the majority of women still suffer under an oppressive economic system.

In her book Unspeakable Things, a collection of essays, she also argues that a socialism without feminism is 'no socialism worth having'.

In her first blog post in 2007, Penny, born in 1986, declared: 'What the young left needs is energy, inspiration, a sense not only of the consequences of inertia but of the viscerally thrilling possibilities for change.'

Laurie is a columnist for the New Statesman but she also writes regularly for The Guardian. She has also written, among others, for Vice, Salon and The Nation. She is the author of five books including Unspeakable Things (2014) and Meat Market (2011).


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