There's more to radio than mindless pap and right wing talkback...

IN A MEDIA LANDSCAPE WHERE left wing views are few and far between, there are still bastions flying the flag for working class politics.

One such outpost is Socialism and Soul, broadcast on Otago Access Radio in Dunedin and also available as a podcast on iTunes.

The show can be heard from 5.30-6pm every Tuesday.

The two guys fronting the show are Dairy Workers Union organiser John Howell and Maritime Union communications officer Victor Billot.

The programme mixes interviews and discussion on matters of topical interest to working people with music that reflects the socialist politics of John and Victor.

Guests have included a union member active in the campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a Unite union delegate battling zero-hours contracts, and an Israeli journalist recognised for her reporting on Palestinian affairs in the West Bank and Gaza, where she had also lived.

The latest show features the music of Dam Native, Gil Scott Heron, New Order and Billy Bragg. And there's some talk about the Trans Pacific Partnership, health and safety reforms and the British Miners Strike of 1984/5.

Check it out.


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