Has Canterbury Television buckled to pressure applied by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera)?

DEON SWIGGS of the Rebuild Christchurch website has had a regular weekly slot on Canterbury Television 's 5pm news bulletin, where he has provided an update on developments in Christchurch.

On Monday though he failed to appear on CTV News as usual. Swiggs wrote on Facebook yesterday:

Several people have emailed today asking why our regular segment wasn't on CTV News last night. Unfortunately an hour before we were to go to air I was emailed by CTV to inform us that our rebuild segment has been permanently cancelled. Sadly it seems that Cera may have had some influence on this decision.

CTV News is presented by Chris Lynch from Newstalk ZB.


  1. Deon has corrected that statement. There is no conspiracy. I have friends who work at CTV. They are having more of a traditional format of taped stories now they are ful resources. Deon was forced to issue an apology after getting his facts wrong. Nothing more nothing less. Surprised you asked the question ... not like you to provided measured commentary. And for the record lynch and Swiggs are mates.


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