According to Billboard, Jennifer Lopez has unleashed the 'women's revolution' with her new single, 'Ain't Your Mama'. The video includes a sample from a speech by Hillary Clinton...

THAT WELL KNOWN left wing activist, Jennifer Lopez, has sampled a speech by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for  her latest single 'Ain't Your Mama'. It also includes the voices of Gloria Steinem and Patricia Arquette.

As the song claims to be about women's equality, it's only natural that the video should feature the voice of a woman who has done so much for the cause of women's equality.

Who can forget, for instance, the sterling work Hillary Clinton did for her husband, 'rounding up the votes" (her words) for his welfare reform bill - which saw the number of households with children living in deep poverty skyrocket. It was specially disastrous for single mothers.

Nor did Clinton demonstrate her concern for women's equality while she was on the board of Walmart, despite the fact that the corporate routinely pays men more than women. In 1990, while on the board, she declared, "I'm always proud of Walmart, and what we do and the way we do it better than anyone else."

Hillary Clinton's 'feminism' is not only elitist it is often explicitly racist. Recently Ashley Williams, a young Black Lives Matter protester, interrupted Hillary Clinton's speech at a $500 per person fundraiser, holding a sign that read "We Have to Bring Them to Heel," a direct quote from Clinton, referring to young black people in a 1996 speech on the crime problem. Williams was quickly ejected from the fundraiser.

Given Clinton's less than fabulous support for women's equality, its not altogether surprising many more women are supporting Bernie Sanders rather than her.

Clinton has tweeted Lopez, thanking her for the video, commenting that 'Women are so much more than the roles they’ve been assigned.'

Lopez’s video shows her playing out some of women’s many roles throughout the recent decades including homemaker, secretary, factory worker, businesswoman and news reporter. In real life, mega-wealthy Lopez lives a lavish lifestyle, far removed from her working class South Bronx roots. She is well known for her outrageous demands.

Her ‘revolution’ consists of telling her husband/boyfriend that she isn’t his mama. Jennifer Lopez is not exactly a contemporary Rosa Luxemburg...

Lopez's portrayal of herself as a spokesperson for working class women everywhere came at a cost. To help pay for Lopez's production demands the video includes more than its fair share of product placement. Apparently the revolution will be brought to you by Beluga vodka and Lavazza coffee.


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