The People's Revolution gathers pace...

BERNIE SANDERS PRESIDENTIAL campaign has inspired millions of Americans. Many of them are young people, once written off as 'apathetic' and 'cynical'. That was only true to the extent that they'd had enough of 'politics as usual'.

To build the momentum of the political revolution, thousands of activists will gather in Chicago on June 17-19 for the People's Summit.

Backed by a wide range of organisations, the People's Summit objective is “further deepening the relationship between participating organizations rooted in principled anti-corporate politics, development of community leaders, direct action not based on partisan identification, and strategic organizing to build power.”

The agenda of the People's Summit is to organise against "the big money system of politics that expands the power of the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the people." To that end actvists will adopt a People's Platform that will be focal point for a national movement.

The People's Summit will feature a range of speakers, including Naomi Klein and Cornel West.


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