Chris Trotter's attack on the Sanders movement and his sycophantic endorsement of Hillary Clinton is proving unpopular with many of the readers of The Daily Blog. They think he’s being ridiculous.

CHRIS TROTTER'S REACTIONARY denunciation of the Sanders movement has not gone down well with many of the readers of The Daily Blog where the offending post appeared. Many readers have also been equally unimpressed by his sycophantic endorsement of the corporate-approved Hillary Clinton.

There have been over 70 responses to Trotter's post, the majority of them critical. It seems that Trotter's conservatism is proving to be unpalatable to many readers of  The Daily Blog.

Here's just a few of the comments:

You should not be pressured in voting for a corrupt, incompetent mess out of fear of Trump. If they lose, it is the DNC and Democratic Party’s fault, not the voters who were betrayed. Harper

That Mr Trotter could claim that Sec Clinton ‘won fair and square’ is either appalling ignorance from one who is looked up to by some as a political pundit, or an equally appalling lie. Either way, it makes him dangerous, and he should stop being so ridiculous. George Hendry

See you've branched out and embraced improv comedy., Mr. Trotter. Cemetery Jones

Like war criminals do you Chris? Pedro

Chris is about as left-wing as Dave Dobbyn… vaguely left-wing until he got some money, got older and screwed over the generations coming after. Hillary is left-wing? What a joke. See what Pilger has to say… he seems kinda left-wing. Castro

Like most middle class wankers, you favour embracing a progressive agenda but only as far as the corner of your street. Once you encounter the fast, noisy traffic, well… that’s it really. Too difficult, not possible, gotta face reality. J.S. Bark

TDB is better than this. Election fraud should ALWAYS be contested! Chris Trotter can say whatever he likes, but it won’t change the truth – Clinton and the DNC stole the primaries using tactics such as; voter suppression, registration tampering and purging, and erroneous voting machines. Cooper

Dear Mr Trotter this piece of yours is just awful, really really awful. Laurence Boomert


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