THE TWO MAJOR American parties have nominated deeply unpopular presidential  candidates. With both candidates offering little but 'corporate business as usual' and with both candidates embroiled in scandal,  third-party candidates, despite little coverage from the corporate media, are attracting unprecedented amounts of attention this election.

For the left,  the Green Party's Jill Stein is leading a group of third-party candidates in the polls, but she's also not the only alternative candidate to have put her name forward.

Gloria La Riva, a labour, community, and anti-war activist based in San Francisco, is running for president under the Party for Socialism and Liberation. This isn’t her first bid for public office; she ran for mayor of San Francisco in 1983, finishing third overall, and she was the Peace and  Freedom Party’s candidate for governor of California in the 1994 and 1998 elections.

In this election special, Abby Martin and Gloria La Riva discuss her plan to nationalise U.S. banks, Hillary Clinton's “feminism,” and why supporting the “lesser evil” out of fear of Trump is a losing strategy.


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