Debating who will be the next President of the United States affords this election with the legitimacy it doesn't deserve.

THIS PAST WEEK THE COMMENTARIAT have been spending their time predicting which candidate of corporate America will win next week's presidential election.

FBI Director James Comey's announcement that he would be reviewing newly discovered emails that were "pertinent" to the investigation of Clinton's private email server was a gift for the Commentariat. With interest beginning to wane, the 'experts' were able to springboard into a new round of hysterical discussion and debate about how Comey's announcement would impact on Clinton's chances of setting up shop in the White House. A lot has been said about very little.

Adding fuel to the fire has been the endless series of polls. National polls. State polls. Aggregate polls. America has been all polled out.

Although it has taken the Commentariat many hours to explain these polls, I can exclusively reveal that what they all say is that Clinton is still in the lead - where she has been for the entire election campaign. The corporate media though have interpreted this as 'the polls are narrowing' to suggest that people are participating in a real functioning democracy rather than as 'bit players' in a tawdry reality show. 

The reality is that it is the Electoral College map that will determine who will be the next president and that map shows Clinton comfortably ahead.

Asking the question ' "Who do you think will win?' affords this election travesty a legitimacy it just doesn't deserve. The only people who can say that their conscience is clear are those who vote for a candidate that isn't Clinton or Trump. The Green Party's Jill Stein would have got my vote if I was living in the USA. Stein, like the other third party candidates, was disgracefully shut out of the television debates and has been denied any kind of reasonable coverage in the corporate media.

While the commentators waffle on about opinion polls narrowing, corporate America has already ensured that their guy - in this case woman - will enter the Oval Office come November 8 . The Goldman Sachs - endorsed Hillary Clinton will maintain and protect what a CNN business commentator described this week as the political and economic 'continuity' of American capitalism. That means the rule of the one percent will remain undisturbed. If Republicans openly flaunt their favouritism toward the rich, the Democrats are, in the words of former Republican adviser Kevin Phillips, "the world's second most enthusiastic capitalist party."

Indeed corporate America got the President it wanted the day that the Democratic National Committee broke its own rules on political neutrality and began campaigning against Bernie Sanders - or 'Doofus' as Clinton described him in one of her emails dropped by Wikileaks.

Clinton may win this election but she will enter the Oval Office already discredited and already deeply unpopular with the American people - who may well be thinking that it might just be time to kick start the Revolution again and upset the 'continuity' of Wall Street. 


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