Naomi Klein's new book is scheduled for publication on June 13. While her immediate target might be Donald Trump the book is also a timely reminder that we must also fight to change the economic system that spawned him. There is a still a world to win.

IT HAS BEEN some three years since the publication of Naomi Klein's hugely influential book This Changes Everything: Capitalism Versus The Climate. In June her new work will appear in the stores, to provide ammunition to the resistance fighting President Donald Trump. No Is Not Enough : Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need will be published on June 13.

Although her immediate target is Donald Trump,  Naomi Klein is at pains to explain that Trump has not appeared out of nowhere but is the product of neoliberal polices and ideology that have dominated for four decades.

"Trump is extreme, but he's not a Martian. On the contrary, he is the logical conclusion to many of the most dangerous trends of the past half century. He is the personification of the merger of humans and corporations—a one-man megabrand, with wife and children as spin-off brands."

Trump is the human face of a venal and dangerous capitalism that threatens to take us all down.

As Klein said recently: "The economic pain is real and not going anywhere—four decades of corporate, neoliberal policies and privatisation, deregulation, free trade, and austerity have made sure of that."

A website for Klein's new book explains that the book will show " Trump's election was not a peaceful transition, but a corporate takeover, one using deliberate shock tactics to generate wave after wave of crises and force through radical policies that will destroy people, the environment, the economy, and national security. This book is the toolkit for shock resistance, showing all of us how we can break Trump's spell and win the world we need."

But Klein says  it is not enough just to resist Trump - we must also seek to overturn the economic system that spawned him.

"Our historical moment demands more: a credible and inspiring “yes,” a roadmap to reclaiming the populist ground from those who would divide us - one that sets a bold course for winning the fair and caring world we want and need."

She remains firmly critical of a "mushy middle that doesn't really fight".

"We cannot say that we want more and better jobs, greater social equality, more and better social services, public transit, all these things that improve peoples daily lives and at the same time defend a strategy that protects capitalism."

Naomi Klein has joined The intercept as a senior correspondent. Her brief is to monitor the Trump administration and the polices it seeks to impose.


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