While the New Zealand media goes nuts over Harry and Meghan's big day out, a new poll has revealed that 66 percent of British people have no interest in the wedding and are not planning to watch it.

EVEN THOUGH WE are still three days from the event, the New Zealand media have already gone into overdrive, teetering dangerously on the edge of manic hysteria. Unless you avoid the mainstream media altogether - which is well worth considering - its difficult not to have the intelligence insulted by yet another tedious wedding-related piece of junk masquerading as news.

In a country that likes to present itself as politically and culturally independent the pretence is dropped whenever one of the Windsor's decides to get hitched.

While there might be some brief reference as to how much this circus is costing the British people (an estimated $46 million), there will be little attempt to put this into any kind of context. Harry, Meghan and all their pals will be partying it up in a country where over four million children are now living in poverty - and that's the government's own figures.

The independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation says that one fifth of the British population are now living in poverty.

There has been a 134 percent increase in homelessness since the Conservative Party took power in 2010. Some of those homeless people, living near Windsor Castle, are being moved on by the police in order that they don't spoil the 'happy day' with a crass display of poverty.

Polly Neate, CEO of U.K. homelessness charity Shelter, has commented: " “It shouldn’t be a case of out of sight, out of mind. These are people who desperately need our help, and long-term support to move off the streets for good.”

But these kind of uncomfortable facts will struggle to connect with the consciousness of TVNZ's Hillary Barry or TV3's Samantha Hayes. They have far more important things to talk about, like how many bridesmaids will be in attendance.

Interestingly a YouGov poll this week has revealed 66 percent of Britons are not interested in the wedding and are not planning to watch it. I imagine many will be watching the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United - which should be a lot more entertaining at least. 


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