Marama Davidson and the Green's have misled the public.
The Green Party knew in January that they were not obliged to support the waka jumping legislation but have chose to mislead the public and claim that they have no choice but to support it.

ON RNZ's Morning Report last Friday Green Party co-leader Mirama Davidson claimed that the Green Party was obliged to support for the Electoral Integrity Bill under the 'good faith' provision of its coalition agreement with the Labour Party and New Zealand First.

However Marama Davidson and her Green Party parliamentary colleagues were told in January that the good faith provision was, according to the Cabinet Office, "..a political statement around how we’re endeavouring to work with the Government. It commits us to work through areas of concern in good faith, but does not bind us to support everything set out in the Labour/New Zealand First coalition agreement”.

The advice is contained in a Green Party caucus document from January and leaked to Bryce Edwards. You can read his story here.

Edwards says that the Green Party have deliberately misled the public. He's right. Edwards goes on to conclude:

'It would be entirely understandable, therefore, if the public lost more faith and trust in politicians and the political process as a result of the farcical waka-jumping bill. As for the Greens, they’ve given up even a pretense of holding onto the moral high ground, and have been reduced to being just another political party."


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