The co-founders of Means TV : Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton.
Next week will see the launch of Means TV, a socialist digital streaming service. The revolution will be televised...

THE GUYS BEHIND Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's viral 2018 election campaign video have launched Means TV based in Detroit. Think of it as a socialist digital streaming service.

Basically, it’s a cooperatively-run, anti-capitalist Netflix,” co-founder Naomi Burton told The Intercept the goal of which is “to help create the cultural foundation and support needed to build socialism in the U.S.”

She and fellow co-founder Nick Hayes say that corporate control over what we see on our screens have left worker-centric stories with largely nowhere to go while any form of left wing news analysis has struggled to compete with the liberal and conservative narratives.

The YouTube channel is designed to encourage people to head to the subscription service, which launches on March 25. Means TV will be releasing ten weeks of free content so viewers can get an idea of what they can expect from the streaming service. Means TV will feature, among other things, comedy, adult animation, reality TV shows, talk shows, news shows and documentaries.

Means TV is seeking crowd funding to help fund it.

Hayes says that the culture has to shift before capitalism can be overcome and Means TV intends to be part of that culture shift. '“We can’t ask working people to go revolt tomorrow. To us, this is the first step of getting people to realise some of the ways they’re exploited and getting people to laugh about it because we’re so fucked.”


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