The editor of The Big Idea gets in a lather about a meme...

JAMES LITTLEWOOD is editor of The Big Idea. It describes itself as 'an online hub, providing daily news updates, the latest jobs and opportunities, events as well as ideas and inspiration from across the creative industries to help individuals and organisations create their own success.' Its a liberal arts-based website and undoubtedly not unsympathetic to the Labour-led government.

Littlewood must have time on his hands because he took offence at John Moore's latest political meme which is proving to be popular in the social media and on various blogs and websites. 

Apparently unfamiliar with the concept of freedom of opinion, he actually complained to the Electoral Commission about the meme. Under the impression that John Moore's handiwork was 'fraudulent',  Littlewood was concerned that the meme was in breach of the electoral advertising rules.  The concept of parody appears to be an alien one to Littlewood.

The Electoral Commission fortunately put James right. Most importantly it informed him that its still okay for people to express their own political views, even if you disagree with those views. That's a big idea he might like to reflect on. 


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