THANKS TO TRACY CHAPMAN performing 'Fast Car' with country singer Luke Coombs at the 2024 Grammy Awards, it looks like a whole new audience has been introduced to the music of the fifty-nine-year-old singer-songwriter.

Coombs had a major commercial hit with his cover of the thirty-three-year-old song. But since Chapman's appearance on the Grammy's, her original version has rocketed to the top of the charts.

Perhaps the opening track to her self-titled debut album will also enjoy a revival. But while 'Fast Car' is a gritty depiction of working class life, 'Talking About a Revolution' goes a step further and talks of class struggle and warns that 'poor people gonna rise up / and take what's theirs.'

In 1988, when 'Talking About a Revolution' was first released, it was hailed as a major political and social anthem. Over three decades later, it still speaks to the frustration and anger of a disenfranchised working class.


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