Christchurch mayor Sidehow Bob Parker has uniltaterally decided that the Christchurch City Council needs to bring the mayoral limousine out of mothballs so that various VIPs - and Sidehow - can be driven around in a style befitting their 'status'.

Bob appears oblivious to such issues as fuel conservation and global warming. And, of course, its just a waste of money.

Wasting money though doesn't seem to bother Bob much either. After all Sideshow just recently wasted $2 million of ratepayers money on buying the Ellerslie Garden Show. This pretty much just means buying the 'name' - and since Ellerslie is part of Auckland that'll probably get changed as well.

So what did Christchurch citizens get for $2 million? We don't know because all the financial details are being kept confidential. That's been described as 'appalling' by National Business Review financial journalist Chris Hutchings, who keeps a close eye on the financial affairs of the council.

If Bob really wanted to have a garden show why didn't he get the council bureaucracy to create its own show - and save $2 million in the process?

But, of course, Sideshow Bob did get lots of media coverage when he announced the 'purchase' of the Ellerslie event - that's very important..


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