The Alliance Party has rightly condemned the Green Party's cosy little deal with the National Party.

Alliance national spokesperson Victor Billot says that the Green Party's claims of standing for social justice had been torpedoed by cosying up to the National Party.

“They are now in a close working relationship with the people who are destroying the planet they say they care about.”

Billot went on to say;

“We now have a bizarre four colour combo running the country – blue for National, yellow for ACT, brown for Maori, and pale Green – add those colours together and what you get is something that looks and smells like toxic political sludge.”

A nice turn of phrase - I might use it sometime.

Billot also makes the point that the Green's have become a party of comfortable middle class 'greenies'.

“It appears the Greens are more concerned now with organic supermarket shopping tours for their well-heeled lifestyle supporters than food bank baskets at the front counter.”

Norman, who regards himself as a big political 'player', claims that this deal will give the Green Party 'wider political support'.

However he may well find that support for the Green Party will collapse - already some Green supporters are saying that Norman is destroying the Green's grassroot support.

As one Green supporter has angrily commented on the Green's Frog Blog:

'I watched him destroy the grass roots of the party in his last role. Why are you rewarding his failure by letting him destroy the parliamentary wing? He is a dangerous amateur and Key has played him like a fiddle. Stop being suckers.'

Norman jumped political ships when in Australia - he may end up doing that in New Zealand as well.


  1. This just goes to show that the Political Parties who care about our disenfrachised actually reside outside Parliment.

    Ive often wondered what happens to these Parties when they get into the corridors of power, principles seem to go out the window, in favor of power consolidation. Is it the effect of power? Or is it that our so called democracy is extremely fragile and in need of a huge overhaul? Who knows.

  2. As someone who voted Green I didn't expect to see the Green's get all matey with the Nats. People like Sue Bradford should be ashamed of themselves - what a sellout.


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