Given that the Green Party has so thoroughly embraced the 'free market', it comes as no surprise that its prepared to make deals with either Labour or National.

The Green's really don't care which brand of neoliberalism they have to adopt.

Before the 2008 election Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said in a speech that ' This is not the time to turn to the failed politics of National and Act.'

Of course back then Norman and his parliamentary colleagues were supporting Labour's failed neoliberalism

A few months later, without a hint of embarrassment, the Green's have signed a 'memo of understanding' that will see the Green Party and the National-led government working on some joint initiatives.

In return for helping out National, the Green's have been tossed a few policy favours including an agreement to work together to implement a home insulation programme and to 'update' New Zealand's energy efficiency programme.

There has been no consultation with the wider Green Party membership - this has been a deal hatched by Norman and his parliamentary colleagues.

Former socialist Russel Norman thinks this is a great deal.

On the Green Party website he crows: “This is a chance to get more New Zealanders into healthy homes and to make our country more energy efficient generally.'

But Norman's got nothing to say about the collapse of neoliberalism and the rising tide of poverty and unemployment. More and more New Zealanders are in danger of losing their homes but here's little Russel, in his new wardrobe of business suits, waffling on about 'healthy homes'.

The Green's are offering no alternative to neoliberalism. Indeed the party thinks that 'the power of the market' (Norman's words), can be harnessed for environmental ends.

For Green Party members and supporters who still harbour the illusion that the Green's are somehow 'progressive' this may well be the final straw.

After all, why support a party that will sell itself to whichever party is in power?


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