'Eddie' is a regular blogger on the Labour-aligned blog The Standard.

'Eddie' is always attacking John Key and his National-led government.

But, at the same time, 'Eddie' has nothing to say about the very real deficiencies of the Labour Party and its abject failure to offer a political and economic alternative to neoliberalism.

Despite the fact that more than a thousand people a week are losing their jobs the trade union hierarchy have not organised any resistance to the wave of redundancies. Eddie, who regularly castigates the government about the unemployment crisis, also has nothing to say about the cowardice of the CTU and its affiliates.

Why is the Labour Party and the trade union top brass immune from criticism?

This is because 'Eddie' is, in fact, Jenny Michie. She is the organiser and communication officer at Labour Party HQ.

She recently played a central organising role during the Mt Albert by-election campaign - new Labour MP David Shearer is one of her Twitter contacts.

I note that Ms Michie's cover has also been blown on some other blogs so it is seems to be entirely pointless that she hides behind an alias and pretends to be an 'independent' commentator.

It's also misleading and manipulative bordering on deceitful.

You can check out Michie's Grassroots Labour page here.


  1. It is dishonest to hide behind an alias when you are actually a member - or even an employee- of a polical party, whatever party that is.
    It's ironic that The Standard has often campaigned for 'democratic transparency' and 'acccountability' but doesn't seem to think such things apply to it.

  2. What sort of person posts a photo of a person with their children when attacking them politically.

  3. The photo was taken from Michie's Grassroots Labour page - so the photo was freely available on the internet long before I posted it.

  4. My point was 'when attacking them politically'. It is irrelevant that she had posted the photo on a social networking site.

    Her children have nothing to do with this - and to target them as part of your attack on her is pretty disgusting.

  5. What a load of nonsense.
    The photo is on a Labour Party site - and it has been there for some time.
    Posting the photo on this blog does not constitute a personal attack of any description.
    The post was about Michie hiding behind an alias. There is no mention of her children at all.
    Grow up.

  6. Ooh, the Labour party attack dogs are off the leash. Hope you can stand the heat, Steven.

    And Vindi, stop hiding behind an anonymous username :)

  7. I always hope - in the comments section like this - that there will be some guts to the discussion.

    Disapppointingly, gutless again. Who cares about the photo? What about the actual issue of misleading identity as a blogger?

    Though as a side thought myself, here we are in the 21st century and a woman who presumably is successful in the workplace in her own right chooses a male persona for her blogging identity. What depressing assumption is with that?


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