It will come as no surprise to Hendo followers that our 'favourite' libertarian and celebrated 'urban visionary' is running true to form. When the going gets tough Hendo throws his toys out of the sandpit.

The receivers for one of Dave Henderson's companies, Tuam Ventures, have described the high profile Christchurch City Council beneficiary as 'uncooperative'.

Tuam Ventures was put into receivership by the Bank of New Zealand in July after it had failed to meet its payments.

The bank is owed $7.49 million, South Canterbury Finance $3.19m and unsecured creditors $67,347, the report says.

According to the report, prepared by Colin Gower and Stephen Tubbs of BDO Spicers, 'the director (Henderson) has been uncooperative in making information available for the purposes of this report and the receivership in general'.

Of course, this is one of Hendo's trademark tactics. At the same time he'll often claim he's being 'victimised' by journalists/ bureaucrats/ business competitors/ politicians/ anyone else he can think of.

It's interesting to note that Tuam Ventures owes South Canterbury Finance over $3 million since this is yet another finance company that has had questions raised about its continued viability.


  1. ahh yes...the hero of the Right... idol to all ACTy's, the creep is basically just a wide boy who doesn't pay his bills and who HAS left a trail of broken & shattered small businesses in his greedy arrogant wake.
    garry ( heyyyy ..i'm a working class guy ..really i am)moore and sideshow bob, REALLY know how to choose salubrious mates

  2. Perhaps Rodney Hide will ride to Hendo's rescue again...


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