Here's some good news.

Mayor Sideshow Bob faces some serious opposition in his bid to retain the mayoralty in October.

Former Alliance MP Liz Gordon has announced that she will stand as an independent.

In her press statement she says like many Christchurch people she felt the council had done 'a dreadful job'' during its current term.

'Its priorities are all wrong. Council policy appears to be run by its senior managers, not by the elected representatives.'

She also slammed Sideshow Bob's performance saying that he was more suited to being 'an events manager'. Nice one, Liz.

She also slammed his role in the $17 million bailout of failed property developer Dave Henderson, raising housing rents and the council's bid to build a music school in the middle of the Arts Centre.

Meanwhile we await to see if Jim Anderton will make a bid for the Christchurch mayoralty as the official candidate for 2021.

Anderton is keeping his cards close to his chest but the fact that 2021 has been conducting telephone polls and using Anderton's name as a possible mayoral contender, suggests that there is some substance to the story.

Anyway its got old Sideshow Bob rattled who launched attack on Anderton in The Press today, claiming that an Anderton bid for the mayoralty was all about the Labour Party seeking re-election in 2011.

What's his evidence for this claim? None whatsoever. And is this the same Sideshow Bob whose mayoral campaign in 2007 was supported by several prominent National Party members?


  1. Sweet jesus Steven, Liz Gordon wouldn't be a serious contender at a Kindergarten election.
    What is wrong with you people. The only person capable taking Bob Parker and Tony Marriot corporation out is Anderon.
    Kane is a low xclass aggressive blow hard, and Burke is spent.
    Get rid of Gordon, and let us do the job.


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