The Press has reported that Mrs Sideshow Bob, Jo Nicholls-Parker, has attended regular breakfast meetings with Sideshow Bob and his loyal right hand man, Christchurch City Council CEO Tony Marryatt.

This has raised questions as to whether Mrs Sideshow Bob has overstepped the mark in terms of her involvement in council business.

Bob claims that his wife was not present at the breakfast table when major council issues were discussed.

What is also interesting is that Marryatt spent $1182 on the breakfast meetings with Parker and Nicholls-Parker between May 2009 and May this year.

Bob claims that he and Mrs Sideshow Bob were more than happy to pay for their own breakfasts but Marryatt wanted to pick up the tab.

He didn't actually personally pick up the tab though - he put the cost of the breakfasts on his council credit card.

Marryatt obviously couldn't pay for the breakfasts himself as he's only on an annual salary of some $450,000. He received a straight 22 percent increase in his salary in 2009. This was approximately an $80,000 increase.

Despite being on a annual salary of $210,000 Sideshow Bob put some $3000 on his council credit card last year. Most of the money went on food and booze.

The good times keep rollin' for Bob and Tony...


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