I was surprised to see former Labour President Mike Williams described as 'a voice of the left' on The Standard.

He was a loyal supporter of Labour's neoliberal economic policies while it was in Government so former businessman Williams is about as 'left wing' as Phil Goff, the man who tells us that there is 'no alternative' to the free market.

While The Standard is Labour's unofficial cheerleader, I would of thought that even it wouldn't have been as stupid as to describe Williams as 'left wing'. This really suggests that the writer left his brain in neutral while tapping out this nonsense.

And who wrote this nonsense? Why, it was none other then Mike Williams old mate Mike Smith.

Smith, of course, was the general secretary of the Labour Party during the Helen Clark reign. And like his buddy Mike Williams, he enthusiastically supported the neoliberal policies of the Clark Government. He still supports those policies although he won't front up and admit it.

Last time I had the misfortune to read something by Smith, he was giving a Fabian society seminar 'the big tick' - but neglected to mention that, as chairperson of the Fabian Society, he organised the seminar.

Smith likes praising himself and his Labour pals so its no surprise he's given Kelvin Davis his 'big tick'.

Smith claims that Kelvin Davis, Labour's candidate in Tai Tokerua 'represents the future for Maoridom. Hone and the Maori Party represent the past.'

I'm sure Kelvin must be overjoyed that Smith has given him 'a vote of confidence'.


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