Greek's future lies with the left alliance, SYRIZA
Against a backdrop of fear and intimidation, the right wing New Democracy squeezed out a narrow victory  over the  left alliance of SYRIZA,  which has confirmed its place as a significant force in Greek politics.

SYRIZA's achievement  has  been nothing short of  remarkable given the fact  that it has not only had to campaign  against right wing  political forces within Greece , it has to confront a campaign  of fear  and intimidation mounted by  the European establishment. This was never an election fought on level terms - the European powerbrokers made sure of that. It would be interesting to know just how much foreign money has been poured into the coffers of New Democracy.

The European Union, the European Central Bank, the IMF and prime ministers and finance ministers from many European countries, all threatened that a victory for SYRIZA  would mean the end of EU funding (which in any case goes to pay German and French banks), Greek exit from the euro-zone, economic chaos, blah blah blah. Even Barack Obama, a man often heard pontificating  about  respecting the  'democratic rights' of other countries didn't feel any way constrained to respect the sovereign rights of Greece. He urged  Greek voters not to vote for SYRIZA.  What a hypocrite.

What scared the life out of the  European bourgeoisie is that SYRIZA  represented - and still represents -  a real threat to the neoliberal order and the polices of  austerity. SYRIZA's 's policies  include commitments to suspend Greece's debt payments, tax the super-rich and companies, cut military spending, nationalize the banks, strengthen workers' rights, close foreign military bases and to  quit NATO. It wants to use the buildings of the government, banks and the Church to house  the homeless.

Yes, housing the homeless is apparently a threat to the rule of capital.

Interestingly it seems that SYRIZA represents a generational shift in Greece. it attracted the majority  of the under-50 vote.  Young people have, significantly, cut their ties with Greece's established parties and are seeking a new way forward. This is immensely encouraging for everyone who is fed up with being told that there is no alternative to 'the market' and the best you can hope for is some 'tinkering' with the default settings - which is what the dismal Labour Party is  offering us all  in our country.

New Democracy has to somehow  cobble together a coalition. Already PASOK  (the Greek equivalent of the New Zealand Labour Party)  has shown itself  to  be less than enthusiastic about falling in  behind New Democracy . Its support for the austerity policies has cost it dearly and its electoral  support has effectively collapsed.  Not surprisingly, PASOK is  not overly eager to take the poisoned chalice that is being offered to it by New Democracy.

What is certain that the  continued pursuit of austerity policies (however much they are supposedly  modified')  will continue to drive the Greek economy deeper into the mire, 

Its likely that New Democracy will  be completely discredited - as well as any political party that chooses to jump into bed. with them.

SYRIZA  can only grow stronger as the parties of the ruling class continue to impose policies  that will only serve to provoke even more political opposition within Greece.

Meanwhile the storm clouds are building in Spain and Italy. The struggle continues.


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