Newstalk ZB's Chris Lynch gets all worked up...

CHRIS LYNCH hosts  the 8.30am - midday weekday show on talkback station Newstalk ZB in Christchurch. He is the only local host on a station that is mostly networked out of Auckland.  He also fronts a show on local  television station CTV called Lynched which I criticised some months ago.

I think this was the first time I was critical of something Lynch was involved in. I have let other things  slide by  like  the time when he  thought it was appropriate to say 'good riddance' when a local homeless man died when the house he was squatting in went up in flames.  I'm also not keen about his habit of putting on a camp voice when he's conveying views he doesn't agree with.  I thought we'd long since past the days when talking like Mr Humphreys out of Are You Being Served? was considered clever and funny.

In the last few days  I've been critical of Lynch both here and on Twitter. I criticised him for his unwarranted attack on Sue Bradford  and I criticised him on Twitter  for stating that he didn't think that increasing  the level of benefits would alleviate poverty.

Lynch seems to be a sensitive soul.

Local  Labour MP Ruth Dyson, who I don't know and have never met, retweeted one of my comments. This prompted Lynch  to demand of Dyson why she was engaging with 'nutcases' like me.

Ruth Dyson obviously didn't know what Lynch  was banging on about and replied: 'Who is Steven?'

Lynch, who appears to have a problem stringing together a coherent sentence, then tweeted to Ruth Dyson:

Your senior party official think hes s nutcase so why communite with nasty people'.

I have no idea who this 'senior party official' is.

Anyway, I leave the last word to @ShitAkhilSays  who had this to say about Chris Lynch on Twitter: 'He's mad because he's the only person in 2014 who's still trying to rock that Justin Bieber haircut'


  1. For someone who doesn't like Chris, you certainly spend a lot of time listening to him. Ever heard of the tuning dial?

  2. I don't dislike Chris - I've never met him - I just don't like some of the things he says on his show.


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