Kim Dotcom finds out what a bunch of fair-weather and opportunistic  friends he once had.

WHILE FORMER ACT  leader John Banks  had plenty of friends supporting him not only in court but also in the media, spare a thought for Kim Dotcom. He's been abandoned by his so-called mates.

He is presently fighting to stay out of jail but he is a man who has been abandoned by the very people who flocked to his side with the formation of the Internet Party and its subsequent merger with the Mana Party. He was 'the next big thing' and they all wanted to be a part of 'the next big thing'. But now he is apparently yesterday's man.

There have been no high profile Internet Party or Mana supporters  in court to demonstrate their solidarity with Dotcom.

Hone Harawira has been absent. Laila Harre has been nowhere to be seen. Commentator Chris Trotter clearly has been too busy, as has been  Martyn  Bradbury of The Daily Blog. National secretary of the Unite Union Mike Treen also obviously had more pressing engagements - despite the fact that the Unite  Union is a prominent backer of Mana and  wholeheartedly endorsed  the Internet Party - Mana merger.

Dotcom has been abandoned to his fate.

Kim Dotcom poured  $4.5 million  into the Internet Party  but  all the money in the world cannot buy you the simple support of people you thought were political allies and even friends.

But it does show just what an opportunistic exercise the Internet Party - Mana merger really was. After it crashed and burned, everyone  has fled from the wreckage to leave Kim Dotcom to deal with the mess all by himself.


  1. I was not a supporter of the Internet Party but I agree that Dotcom is being treated shabbily by people who, just a few months ago, were his 'new best friends'. It makes me, and I hope everyone, wary about getting involved in any way with these opportunists. It would not matter if it wasn't for the fact that these people have done untold damage to the left that it could of done without.

    But there they all are, blogging away about what 'we' need to do next. Bastards.


  2. I agree..... :( I am so ashamed of how this man has been treated. Shabby indeed.....

  3. I just recently unearthed a column by Chris Trotter where he accused me of 'ultra leftism' for not supporting Internet Mana. If he was consistent Trotter would continue to defend Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party but Trotter isn't consistent. Now he's lecturing Andrew Little about what he needs to do as Labour leader - despite have bagged Andrew Little in the past! It's pathetic.


  4. Wishy-washy wanker so called lefties revealing they have about as much substance as sugar in water. Not like the old days when we were hard core and sailed out to ram nuclear subs or overrun apartheid sympathetic rugby games. KDC organized the messages from Snowden, Greenwald and company ... which so pissed off/frightened the right and sheep-like followers of the right media, that the reactionary backlash occurred in the election. But all is not lost. There is a different reaction occurring and Shonkey and co are shitting nervous bricks. Truth will out .... and corrupt Shonkey will be gone very soon ... and it all started with KDC.

  5. Lawrence o Aotearoa30 November 2014 at 19:55

    It might help if the author was to report that the court was cleared of media and public for the hearing to be held in secret ... for who knows what reason?
    I can't speak for Laila, Hone or any of the others but I do know many many IPM folks and myself are contacting Kim as best we can with messages of support and prayers. This man must be allowed to stay in NZ, anything less is a travesty of justice.

  6. We only have your word for it that 'many IPM folk' have been in contact in Kim Dotcom. Even if this was so, what is needed are public expressions of solidarity not private condolences and 'prayers' - . Where is Hone? Or Annette Sykes? Where are the Internet Party election candidates?

  7. "Don’t deport Kim Dotcom!"

    Te Hamua's Facebook page, or Annette Skyes' Facebook pages?


    This article deals with the whole far left/InternetParty/Mana fiasco. Interestingly, Kim Dotcom is the only one to have taken responsibility for the fiasco. The far left elements who endorsed the surreal lash-up - as Ben Hurley said, "Oh, I thought it was a sketch on the Jono and Ben Show" - have simply moved on, as if it has nothing to do with them and they bare no responsibility at all for it.


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