It looks like the Government are set to loosen the immigration laws which will allow people to come into the country even if they cannot speak English - as long as they have plenty of cash.

The theory is that the influx of non-English speaking rich foreigners will be beneficial to the economy.

This theory however was completely demolished in April in a report from a Massy University economist, Dr Greg Clydesdale.

While Immigration Minister David Cunliffe thinks that more immigration is a 'must for economic growth', Clydesdale commented that 'claims that immigrants improve the economy, introduce new techniques and grow the business sector are being exaggerated..There is often no economic evidence to support the claims made.'

Clydesdale pointed out that the Government's own figures showed that only 2 percent of new immigrants introduced new technology.

He said that many new arrivals under the business, investment and entrepreneurial categories brought existing buSinesses such as restaurants, cafes and takeaways.'

'There is little new activity. there's no added value, it's just a change of ownership,' said Clydesdale.

Clydesdale went on to say that immigration policy was adding to the increase in house prices and putting further pressure on inflation rates.

But the Government's to allow wealthy immmigrants into the country who can't speak even basic English, clearly indicates that Clydesdale's well-researched report has been filed in the rubbish bin.


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