This is the first appearance of The Hendo Files this year. I think I was suffering from Hendo burnout - I've been writing about our libertarian hero and 'urban visionary' for well over two years now.

In a front page story today, The Press have reported that our mate Hendo has amassed some $6.5 million in new tax debt and that 90 percent of the 64 (yes, 64) Hendo companies registered with the Inland Revenue have outstanding income tax returns.

This has all been revealed in a another High court case in which the IRD challenged a compromise cooked up by Hendo which would allow four of his companies to supposedly pay off debts over 'several' years.

Not surprisingly, the taxman ain't that enamoured by this latest Hendo manoeuvre. He hasn't displayed much interest in paying his creditors in the past, so why would he start now?

The IRD is owed approximately $300,000 by four hospitality companies which operated bars in SOL Square and which have since been sold by receivers to new owners.

Judge Panckhurst was also singularly unimpressed by Hendo's 'compromise' and said as much when he commented that the 'true level of support' for the compromise arrangements was 'uncertain'.

He also expressed concern about Hendo playing a major role in overseeing the 'compromise' arrangements. This would been like leaving the fox in charge of the henhouse and Judge Panckhurst was not having a bar of it.

'In my view Mr Henderson's position is untenable' said Judge Panckhurst. and duly rejected the 'compromise' scheme of 'The Great Man'.

The High Court appears to have run out of patience with Hendo and his various attempts to tie up his creditors in legal red tape and thus avoid bankruptcy proceedings.

It might be a new year but Hendo is playing the same old tune. He's very predictable is the man that Mayor Sideshow Bob hailed as an 'urban visionary'.

Once again, Davy boy is still painting himself as the innocent victim . Having caused all kinds of financial and emotional grief for people who have either directly or indirectly had dealings with him, Hendo 's attempt to get the sympathy vote are little more than pathetic. He seems to have little comprehension that he is possibly the most unpopular person in Christchurch.

He's claiming that the IRD are engaged in a vendetta against him and 'out to destroy me financially'. Yeah, right. I would of thought that Hendo needs little assistance from the IRD to do that.

What' s more Hendo claims he doesn't have any outstanding income tax or PAYE and owes led GST than what the IRD is demanding. He is basically saying that the IRD is making it all up.

So, as usual, Hendo takes no responsibility for his own actions. This from a man who has continually preached 'personal responsibility' to everyone else, with welfare beneficiaries being one of his favourite targets.

Meanwhile he has been seen around town sporting a big bushy beard and, according to several reports, hasn't been since with girlfriend for some time.

She is apparently busy buying and selling on Trade Me.

Finally, a spiteful Hendo removed the little Christmas lights in SOL Square and replaced then with large lights pointed directly at the bars he used to own.

Thanks to Davy boy, Sol Square looks a little like a prison compound, especially at night.

Oh, and given Hendo's mounting financial problems its unlikely that he will make a buy-back offer for one of his central city properties that he flogged to the Christchurch City Council in 2008. That 'opportunity' expires tomorrow.

Thanks to Sideshow Bob and his cronies on council, the Christchurch ratepayer is effectively stuck with five shoddy properties that are eating up even more money in way of such things as maintenance and depreciation.

If the buildings are ever sold - and that's a big 'if' -they will never recoup what the council paid for them.

Perhaps Councillor Sue Wells would like to tell us again why the Henderson bailout was ' a very good deal'...

Liquidation proceedings begin against Hendo's four hospitality companies on March 15.


  1. So embarassing for Bob Parker and Sue Wells and Christchurch City Corporation. the truth.

    All this will resurface as election for Mayoralty draws closer.I have will have good photos of the Henderson properties derelict and shambolic.
    Oh ho ho yes I am the great pretender.

    The alternative Mayor of Christchurch could be Jo Kane, and I am not in love with her, but none of this corporate self aggrandisement will carry on with her as Mayor.
    Parker has made such a dick, that there could likely be other contenders for Mayor.
    Even Gary Moore.


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