One good turn deserves another? Will Sideshow Bob be 'rewarded' for his unswerving  loyalty to the National government?

This will more than likely be  the last Sideshow Bob Update. Ever. Unless, like a bad smell,  he resurfaces to run for public office again.

But there is one more inglorious chapter to played out in the Misadventures of Sideshow Bob.

I mighty be wildly and completely wrong, but there seems to be certain sense of inevitability that Sideshow Bob will feature in the New Years Honours list.

For six long years the 'politically independent'  Sideshow Bob  was a loyal servant of the National government. He kept his mouth shut and failed to represent the interests of people struggling  with the aftermath of the quakes. He had nothing to say about the housing crisis and the accelerating rate of poverty. He failed to speak out while rents skyrocketed into the stratosphere.

Surely he will rewarded for his grovelling loyalty?  Kissing Gerry Brownlee's fat arse everyday must count for something?

The question is what will be his prize? Will he get the deluxe box of handmade chocolates or will he just have  to make do with a packet of liquorice all sorts?  

Will he,  perish the thought,  be knighted for his loyalty to the government? Will he join the ranks of other knighted luminaries like Roger Douglas and Doug Graham?  Or will he get a lesser gong?

We'll find out on Wednesday. Have a bucket handy.


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