Certainly John Key wasn't holding back when he described Pete Bethune as an ungrateful little sod. Yes Pete, instead of holding press conferences and condemning the Government, you should be humbly thankful for all the help the Government has given you while you languished in a Japanese prison for five months.

But Bethune wasn't actually complaining about the support he received while in prison. But he did make it clear that he is angry that the Government has been more than eager to appease the Japanese Government rather than defend the anti-whaling protesters.

While Key has been throwing the punches, the Minister of Foreign Affairs appears to have gone AWOL again. McCully is always good at being somewhere else when things go wrong.

The cone of silence has descended over our hero although he had a lot to say when Bethune's high-speed boat the Ady Gil was badly damaged in a collision in the Southern Ocean with the Shonan Maru 2 whaling ship in January.

Rather than condemning the Shoan Maru for ramming the Ady Gil and demanding that criminal charges be pursued against crew, McCully chose to attack the protesters themselves.

The brave McCully said : "People determined to break the law and kill other people on the high seas then it is not the responsibility of the New Zealand government... or any other government to send vessels down there to stop them.'

He chose to ignore that the Japanese whalers have been breaking law by hunting for whales within a whale sanctuary. Nor did it matter to McCully that it was the Japanese whaling ship that rammed the Ady Gil and not the other way round.

But we're talking about a man who has steadfastly refused to condemn Israel's barbaric behaviour in Gaza and a man who thinks its terribly impolite for MPs to upset the Chinese Stalinist dictatorship.

McCully likes to portray himself as a man of impartiality and detachment but, in truth, he is a sycophant to the rich and powerful.

Given McCully's craven capitulation to the Japanese government its not surprising that Pet Bethune has described the Government as being Japan's 'fat little lapdog'

Who could honestly disagree with Bethune's assessment?


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