Gerry Brownlee sticks his head in the sand...

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the dynamic Earthquake Recovery Minister arrogantly claims there is no housing crisis in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch.

Gerry Brownlee will go as far as admit that there is 'a problem' but doesn't think it is 'a crisis'. So if we don't call it 'a crisis' then it isn't!

And what about the huge increase in rents which are driving families into homelessness? Gerry effortlessly deals with this potentially embarrassing situation as well!

Gerry says he doesn't know anything about it because its 'not a problem that has been brought to my attention'. So if he doesn't know anything about it ain't a problem! Fantastic stuff!

Brownlee has once again repeated that the Government would not be intervening in the housing market and expects 'the market' to solve the problem around about the same time that pink elephants are seen flying across Christchurch...


  1. Our MPs wouldn't know what a housing crisis feels like considering they've probably never had any problems paying the rent. After all the taxpayer is forced to stump up for their accomodation allowance.


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