Watching some of the court trial of Norwegian neo-fascist killer Anders Breivik, I was reminded that New Zealand harbours its own motley collection of neo-fascist creeps.

This photo is from a recent neo fascist 'White Pride Street March' after-party.

The man in the centre is Kyle Chapman of Right Wing Resistance and the most prominent defender of neo-fascism in New Zealand. He is doing the fascist salute with leaders of various violent neo-Nazi groups: Blood and Honour, Kaos Skins, National Front and South Island Skinheads.


  1. I'm sorry , it's REALLY hard to take these morons seriously at all. Such a motley bunch , and what's with the BRACES ?? LMAO! We don't need a bunch of scraggly, pastie looking fascists giving their half drunk nazi salute ( not even the muscle power to hold their arms up properly ) , we have National and Labour passing " security " bills that would make any fascist proud. I say " and Labour " because i'm betting they won't repeal the Search and Surveillance Bill IF they ever got in.


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