Propaganda is a  Christchurch -produced film. It  won the best film award at the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan last week, a festival co-founded and curated by Oscar-winning director, Michael Moore.

Directed by Slavko Martinov and Mike Kelland,  this mockumentary owes some  of  its inspiration to The Blair Witch Project but this film will never go mainstream  Under the guise of being  a  North Korean anti-Western propaganda movie, it targets western consumerism, the mass media  and pop culture (among other things) suggesting that they are corporate ideological tools to keep the masses in line.

As Martinov has commented:  'It's the most unsharable film you can imagine.  Ninety-five minutes of being slapped about the face of your core beliefs as a Westerner.'

The directors, I suspect, may of also  been reading up on Antonio Gramsci and ideological hegemony.

The film was released in ten parts last year, uploaded bit by bit with the title "North Korean film exposes Western propaganda,"

Bizarrely,  Christchurch engineer Eugene Chang, who narrates and acts in the film, was accused being a North Korean sympathiser and spy by his friends and family in South Korea.

Slavko Martinov says that they were all investigated by South Korea's intelligence service.

In its infinite wisdom, YouTube have slapped a 'Content Warning' message on the official upload, which means you have to sign in to confirm your age. Above you will find an alternative upload.


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